"I started taking Vital Energy when I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever, which can result in chronic fatigue. As a divorced mother of two and a yoga teacher, I needed to keep going. Taking Vital Energy every morning kept my energy levels up. I actually get an energy boost 15 minutes later. When I take it, it feels nourishing, stops sugar cravings and as a ‘Veggy’ I know now that I am getting all the nutrients with my daily dose of Vital Energy"

A Client from Stratford-upon-Avon

"As a busy mum of two young children with my own business to run, I find that Vital Energy is great for boosting and sustaining my energy levels throughtout the day. For a former sugar addict, I an amazed to admit that vital energy has replaced the short – lived bursts of energy I used to get from the biscuit tin!'

Mrs Holden

"I cannot believe what a difference to my energy levels Vital Energy Superfood has made. It did take me one or two goes to get into it but once that was done it became part of my everyday healthy lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend it."

Denise Bradbury