I was first introduced into homoeopathy in 1992, while trying to maintain life in the fast lane, looking after 2 young children, running the family home, moving house and working; my energy levels were non existent despite my husbands support. After consulting a local homoeopath and taking homoeopathic remedies, I found the results to be amazing. My energy levels rocketed, my thoughts were focused and clear and I felt on top of the world. I have never looked back.

My fascination with homoeopathy grew seeing not only my own needs met but those of my family. In 1994 I signed up with the The Homoeopathic College in Birmingham for an intensive 4-year course. Once trained I registered with the Homoeopathic Medical Association whose job it is to regulate standards of clinical and ethical practice.

I run a very busy practice in Stratford-upon-Avon and Lower Quinton, Warwickshire; since 1998 I have treated clients both locally or from a distance by telephone or Skype consultations.

The business has grown through word of mouth, once a client has seen and felt the effects of homoeopathy, I often then treat their friends and family.


  • Licenciate from The College of Practical Homoeopathy
  • Member of The College of Practical Homoeopathy
  • Member of The UK Homoeopathic Medical Association


My journey with Julie began in December 2021. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t sought Julie’s advice and expertise, I wouldn’t be writing this testimonial. There is a backstory to my journey which I share in case others are sceptical about the effectiveness of homoeopathic remedies. They are not an instant, magical cure. Our journey together has given me a significant insight and greater understanding about the essential nutrients and minerals the immune system needs to keep me living a healthy life. I had an active role to play and have researched the immune system in some depth and changed my diet to complement the remedies. During lockdown, I had learned about the Buteyko breathing method, done a course online with Patrick McKeown and successfully stopped using bronchodilators. I had never believed how in the space of 4 years, medication had increased from an occasional ventolin user to full blown COPD. In November 2019 I challenged the prescribed medications as one made me wheeze and another produced so much mucus at night that I was waking up to clear my lungs. The nurse just said ‘don’t take it then!’

During a demonstration of how to use an oximeter by Dr Ranj on This Morning, I had a real AHA! moment. His own recording was 96% oxygen and 86bpm and stated that the reading showed perfectly healthy lungs! As my own readings, after only a short time using Buteyko and no bronchodilator, were 95% oxygen and 78bpm I therefore considered my lungs to be healthy.

The problems/symptoms which prompted me to contact Julie started in May 2021. With an overproduction of mucus in the upper respiratory tract, I was struggling to breathe, (despite using Buteyko breathing) headaches lasting for days, coughing disturbing my sleep and it felt like I constantly had something at the back of my throat and under my rib cage. Exhaustion meant I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat and I had little enthusiasm to do anything. I lost weight and nothing stayed in my system for long.

Each night I would go to bed wishing that I would wake up and it would all be over because I knew that tomorrow I would have to start the whole process of trying to breathe, all over again.

By late September 2021 I’d had enough. The mucus was discoloured and I knew through previous experience that it was probably an infection, so sought a GPs advice. The assessment was done over the telephone, despite COPD being on my medical records. She was annoyed that I hadn’t taken any bronchodilators and told me to book in with the nurse for a medication check (which is another story) and had never heard of Buteyko. Eventually she prescribed antibiotics for sinuses which didn’t work and I ended up with a bad case of candida albicans (oral thrush). After the COVID19 booster and flu jab in October, my immune system went into overdrive. I couldn’t even walk up the road without getting breathless, my heart rate increased to well over 140, I had palpitations, more mucus, more tiredness, lack of appetite, more weight loss and an excruciating pain in my left shoulder along my collarbone and up my neck.

The second attempt to see a GP was just as fruitless. He turned up 50 minutes late, (three different nurses went to find him), he didn’t even open my medical records and we stood in the consulting room. He ignored the words UPPER respiratory, checked the lower lung and stated ‘there is probably a slight infection in the lower lung’ and prescribed more antibiotics and something for the thrush.. How is it possible that the words ‘PROBABLY’ and ‘SLIGHT’ warrant a prescription for antibiotics? He did tap around my sinuses, said his colleague had mentioned them and said he would go down the antibiotic route first! Once again, the antibiotics made no difference and the oral thrush got worse.

During the first WhatsApp consultation, Julie immediately put me at my ease, asked loads of questions and made copious notes. The first lot of remedies had an immediate effect on my system and wellbeing. As the months have gone on, whilst some causes have been eliminated, others have been exposed that needed treating with different remedies.

Having spent so long making my immune system strong and healthy, there is no way that I will ever contemplate having another vaccination, not even for flu.. The most significant part to my getting well is that Julie listened. Really listened to what I was saying. She was treating the cause of the unwellness rather than the symptoms. As I started feeling well, I became more confident and receptive to her ideas. She gave me access to her experience and resources which led me to do even more of my own research about the physiology of the body and the functions of the body’s organs as well as how to maintain a healthy alkaline body by choosing the food I eat carefully.

The ultimate test was in August 2022 when I was able to walk down through Abbey Fields and back up the hill with no ill effects. The only reason I stopped was because my thighs were aching.

Angela Wolsey,
October 2022