I have had several years of very heavy periods. The month before I tried homoeopathy I had my period for a whole month. Since seeing Julie I have only had one period and it was not heavy. My hot flushes are very infrequent and I have far more energy. I am amazed how much Julie has done for me.

Janis Cauthery, Stratford-upon-Avon

I can’t thank Julie enough for all her help with Sam (Age 9 months). During his first 9 weeks in nursery he suffered horribly with recurrent sickness and diarrhea (over 6 times), he’d recover only to fall in again. Within 10 days of starting homoeopathic treatment with Julie, it had stopped and hasn’t returned – it’s completely gone and it’s as though it never happened.

Mrs Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon

Since using homoeopathy with Julie my digestion has never been so good. I am now able to eat whatever foods I choose and no longer have to suffer the consequences of straying from the straight and narrow. The contrast before and after homoeopathy is remarkable.”

A client from Stratford-upon-Avon

My hormones have always been ‘unbalanced’ and after the birth of my daughter I turned into a monster! Very angry, black moods, shouting and impatient. Julie helped me immensely. Alongside the therapy sessions and talking through my problems, the homoeopathic medicines helped ease the problems straight away. I was amazed. If only I had come to see Julie earlier! Please try homoeopathic medicines and see how they can help you transform your life.

Sally Murden, Stratford-upon-Avon

A year ago I was experiencing unmanageable heavy painful periods every three weeks, but, thanks to Julie’s remedies I now have periods generally on a full 28 day cycle and they are lighter and much less painful and the PMT symptoms are much less. Also, my 12 year old son has mild dyspraxia which is notable in his fine motor skills. He also walked on his toes at ‘ten to two’. Julie’s remedies have helped loosen the muscles and the toe walking is almost non-existent and his handwriting and ability to use a knife and fork has improved greatly.

Millie Chester, Stratford-upon-Avon

Aidan is a three year old boy with Down’s Syndrome. He has struggled in the past with the associated low immune system and hypotonia which means that his body is unable to get rid of the high level of mucus that it produces. As a result, he suffered almost constantly with a string of colds and chest infections; he had to take a lot of antibiotics during the autumn and winter months. Since working with Julie, Aidan’s immune system has vastly improved, his mucus production reduced and he has transformed into a happier, healthier, more alert little boy. We have been amazed at how dramatic the change has been and are continuing to work with Julie to address other areas of weakness. The future looks a lot brighter!”

Aidan’s Mother, Shipston-on-Stour

After many years suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I turned to Julie . It has made a huge difference to my life.

A client from Mickleton, Gloucestershire

Julie has completely cleared my IBS with homoeopathy. I no longer experience the pains and discomfort, which I suffered on a regular basis. Thanks, Julie its great to feel well.

Mrs Crofts, Mickleton

I would highly recommend homoeopathy. After suffering from migraines and head aches for years it had affected my lifestyle. It’s worked wonders for me. With Julie being very easy to talk to and very understanding. Just wish someone had told me about homoeopathy before.

Gemma Barker, Coventry

After suffering debilitating migraines for some years and having taken strong prescribed drugs for relief for relief, I was introduced to Julie Payne, a local homoeopath. After an initial visit and consultation, Julie provided me with a course of remedies to overcome the migraines, and were, on the whole, successful. The other problem Julie then had to overcome was rising blood pressure. In the 6 year period from my initial visit, Julie has lowered my reliance on prescribed medicine to reduce my rising blood pressure to a normal and acceptable level. A one hour chat once a month and a combination of natural remedies makes a real difference and a lifestyle change.

David Ashmore, Ilmington

Julie has changed my life with homoeopathy. I suffer from asthma and whenever I caught a cold it lasted 3 weeks and invariably led to a chest infection. This no longer happens because my immune system is so much stronger now. However, more significantly for me I have not suffered a single attack of labyrinthitis since Julie starting treating me.

Maureen Rackliff, Essex

Homoeopathy has worked brilliantly for Jake (age 14 months). After suffering constant colds, ear infections, conjunctivitis and tummy upsets, needing 5 lots of antibiotics in 10 months, I decided to try homoeopathy with Julie. Since his first visit, Jake has been illness free and is now thriving. Great for him and even better for me. No more sleepless nights! I would highly recommend it.

A client from Bearley

From the beginning of September last year i got very run down and ended up with a whole load of ailments some of these included sore throats, hot and cold flushes, ear aches, sickness and nauseous feeling along with a continuous chesty cough and cold which lasted every day for 4 months. I tried all the usual over the counter medicines and went to the doctors on several occasions at my absolute wits end but as you would expect they could do nothing except put me on a steroid inhaler and tell me to rest! Unfortunately winter is our busiest time of year so resting was not an option and my 60 hour week had to continue, the joys of having your own business! My Mum told me to go and see Julie to see if she could help, it was the best thing I could have done within a week of taking what Julie had given me I was on the road to recovery my cough had loosened and was not keeping me awake all night and my energy was up. After 3 weeks I revisited Julie for an update and she gave me some more remedies and after another 3 weeks i was back to my old self and did not need to see her for a third time. I can not recommend her enough for any one feeling not there usual self or with viruses that the doctors cant help you with she is definitely the person to see and you want believe it till you try it!

Hayley Burrows

I stopped having periods at 47 and it was a while before I started suffering the dreaded hot flushes. Combined with a bulging disc back problem, my nights became more and more of a nightmare. If the back pain didn’t wake me then the ‘sweats’ did, and once awake, one or the other prevented me going back to sleep. I threw in the towel, and, for the sake of sanity, was prescribed HRT by my GP. It worked perfectly and life was worth living again. However, more and more ladies i knew directly and indirectly were being diagnosed with breast cancer, and so, again for the sake of sanity, although HRT is allegedly quite safe to take until 55, I decided to stop taking it. I battled along for a while with the returned flushes, till i reckoned I had nothing to lose, things could only improve as they certainly couldn’t get worse and phoned Julie. It took a few visits but the flushes became increasingly bearable and nights much improved. I have been seeing Julie for about 6 months now, and, although I do have a few flushes, they are not half as intense as they were and incredibly short lived – they don’t stop me in my tracks like they used to, most nights pass without any at all, and my mood is perfectly relaxed! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Julie for menopausal symptoms, and I have in fact recommended her to my husband and daughter for different issues.

Andrea Fleet, Stratford-upon-Avon

Joshua was prone to ear infections from the age of one. We were always taking him to the doctors where antibiotics were given, but within a couple of weeks he had another infection. Just before his 2nd birthday he had grommets inserted, and as many parents know it is terrifying when your child has to go under anaesthetic at such a young age. We had 6 month check ups with the ear, nose and throat specialist whereby we informed him that Joshua was still suffering ear infections on a monthly basis; we were told he would eventually grow out of it. My mum was not convinced and said I should try homoeopathic route. It was the best thing we could have done. We first went to see Julie in February 2008, and told her about Joshua suffering nearly 3 years of ear infections. Since Joshua has been on homoeopathic remedies he has not had one ear infection or a cold. I would recommend Julie wholeheartedly to any concerned parent.

A client from Lower Quinton, Warwickshire

I am pleased to have the opportunity to endorse the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment I have received from Julie Payne. I was recommended to her by a friend who knew how badly i was suffering from sinusitis due to allergies. I have had problems for many years with this condition, severely infected sinuses were something I expected and dreaded; this inevitably led to a course of antibiotics if the doctor would allow, or if not, weeks of feeling very unwell. Julie has sorted this problem out completely with her magic pills. Now, should an allergic reaction occur, which in itself is much less often, the nasal passages do not become inflamed and everything settles down quite quickly. In the past every flight I took, every bad sneezing fit, every house i visited that had animals, or worse damp, resulted in an allergic reaction and the inevitable follow on of infected sinuses. Now all of this has stopped, almost a miracle I think!

Peg Kinning, Ilmington