Boost Your Immune System

Autumn and Winter approaching:-

Is your family’s immune system strong enough to fight off winter bugs?

In a few weeks time the summer warmth will be waning and the seasonal changes upon us. Children will be back at school and life for many will resume its busyness.

I often find during this transition that children and adults with poor immune systems begin the round of acute or chronic illness

  • constant coughs
  • colds
  • sore throats
  • chest infections
  • earaches

These are often brought home from schools or the office, where the bugs transmit from one family member to the next.

there are those ‘lucky’ children
and adults that never go down
with such things…

I find it interesting that there are those ‘lucky’ children and adults that never go down with such things, even though they have all been sat in the same environment, (classroom/office). This is because they have a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM, so their bodies can fight off infection.

You can’t duck and dive / avoid bugs, they are everywhere. The bugs are more likely to be able to infect people that are weak. For this reason it is important to build your own internal defences / energies so that the bugs are not able to take hold.

You don’t need to suffer, help is at hand. Building the immune system is an extremely effective approach to a bug free winter.

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Here are a few of my clients experiences.

“Joshua was prone to ear infections from the age of one. We were always taking him to the doctors where antibiotics were given, but within a couple of weeks he had another infection. Since Joshua has been on homoeopathic remedies he has not had one ear infection or a cold. I would recommend Julie whole-heartedly to any concerned parent”.

“Julie has changed my life with homoeopathy. I suffer from asthma and whenever I caught a cold it lasted 3 weeks and invariably led to a chest infection. This no longer happens because my immune system is so much stronger now. However, more significantly for me I have not suffered a single attack of labyrinthitis since Julie started treating me.”