Regain A Youthful Appearance

How to retain or regain your youthful appearance

5 Secrets to help you conquer middle age spread.

Have you reached the age where no matter how little you eat the pounds begin to pile on around your middle causing misery and unhappiness?

Many recognize these symptoms and seem to be at a loss of how to regain their youthful shape. I often hear these comments from women in their middle years, when the hormones need balancing. Unfortunately by the time women start to come through menopause, many seem to have accepted their new shape to be the ‘norm’. Fed up and exasperated by a constant battle over food and the feelings of deprivation..

The reason people struggle with middle age spread is because of: –

  • Toxicity
  • Malnutrition
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise

The secret to regaining your shape is to sort out any hormonal imbalances, cleanse the organs, eat good nutritious food and reduce your perception of stress. Build exercise in to weekly routine And if you need it I have helped many people.


The logic behind detoxing our precious organs liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels. (They are the health, energy and workings of the body). Just think about some of the things they have endured over the last 45 – 50 – 60 years .

Availability of processed foods and confectionery The use of pesticides, insecticides and chemicals on the crops we eat. The food we eat is often intensively grown so the soils are depleted of precious minerals that are vital to health.

Food shipped unripened from thousands of miles. (Most of the goodness develops in the latter stages of ripening while on the plant).

  • Pollution
  • Mercury fillings
  • Medication residues
  • Many hand washes, shampoos and toothpastes – all contain harmful chemicals.
  • Alcohol Do be careful how much you drink. Wine glasses are frequently much larger today than they were in the 1970’s and 80’s
  • Stress

No wonder our bodies begin to complain!

All of the chemicals in the food we eat and the solutions we wash ourselves with, are unrecognizable to our bodies. This puts pressure on the body to detox and keep the organs clean.

Clean organs means a clean, healthy and energized body.

Initially, a little bit of pollution goes unnoticed so there are no symptoms to suggest that anything is wrong, but overtime the organs become clogged and when they are not able to hide the abuse – symptoms start appearing.

Toxins can be stored safely in the fat molecules. This protects the organs from highly toxic material.

The toxins in the body cause a lowering of energy- which effects the bodies need for movement. It is so easy to put low energy down to the aging process.

Eventually, clogged, sluggish organs begin to lay down toxins in unwanted places, this creates illnesses and conditions. Medications required introducing further stress on the body to detox. Toxicity – a major reason for weight gain.


It goes without saying, as there has been so much publicity recently that sugary rich processed foods and alcohol pile on the weight and offer nothing in the way of nutrition in return. It is not your fault as unfortunately, many manufactures use addictive ingredients such as corn syrup to sweeten their products and hook the unsuspecting recipient into a delicious habit.

Starving bodies that are well fed! All the calories, no nutrition!

Fruit vegetables and salad are good for us. Food that nature intended, but beware, many of our foods are polluted with chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. Have you ever walked past a field of lovely cabbages in beautiful rows with not a weed in sight? It’s just not right! This is a field sprayed with chemicals. I see them as toxic and something difficult for the body to break down.

Home suggestions to reduce toxic overload:-

  • Try growing your own
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Be cautious of buying freshly prepared salad in bags
  • Eat organic where possible.

Intensively farmed soils now lack the basic minerals that you would have found a few decades ago. Fewer minerals in the soil means fewer vital minerals in your food you. Minerals are an important to the workings of the body.

Often supplementation is required.

Fresh produce picked while green and unripe and ripened during its voyage to destination offers poor quality nutrition. Most fruits develop the vitamins and essential properties for our health in the last stages of ripening on the mother plant. Remember to eat fresh seasonal food.

The QUALITY of nutrition in the food we eat is vital. Our bodies need good nutrition to function, create energy and health. Too many people are eating food with no nutritional benefits; just empty calories or food that is so heavy with toxins that the benefits are outweighed.

Vital energy offers a quality organic powder that has been sourced from areas of the world where the soils are rich in nutrition and minerals. Just what we are designed to eat. The goodness is easily absorbed into our bodies. You can feel the difference.


With the pace of life getting ever more busy, expectations of life increasing, for most stress is an inevitable part of living. A little appropriate stress is normal, but when it becomes the norm the body suffers. Cortisol levels increase which gobble up the insulin in the blood leaving you feeling hungry and in need of sugar fix. A pick you up!

Unfortunately, Cake, chocolate, biscuits and a cup of coffee lift the energy in a hollow way, which is quickly used up leaving the person in a spiral of self -loathing as the weight piles on.

This is the reason Stress needs to be addressed alongside good eating.

Homoeopathy is a wonderful tool for reducing stress levels. I can’t speak highly enough of it, as I see peoples success rate improve dramatically when levels of stress are addressed. I am sure you too know the difference. On happy carefree days I am sure you are more likely to take care of what you eat. Feel good about yourself. More of these days please!


Hormone imbalances alongside clogged organs can often play a major role in weight gain. Out of balance hormones create a roller coaster of emotion which makes healthy choices more difficult.

At times of life such as the menopause very often the hormones need balancing, emotions straightening and body detoxing. It can be done.